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7 Lifting Facts for Women Nobody Has Said Yet

Weightlifting has earned a fair amount of popularity in the world of fitness for a long time as of now owing to the immense outcome and health benefits it serves. However, the women have been noticed not to participate in the weight lifting very much (a few exceptions are there though). Lifting weight is mainly considered to be the arena of the men. However, there are some facts about lifting which can leave you spellbound owing to the incredible health benefits it carries for the women! So, if you are a woman, you do not need to consider weight lifting out of your league as women can do everything a man is capable of. However, there’s a caution! If you are pregnant, skip the lifting as it may harm your health. In that situation there are some safe pregnancy workouts you need to follow. So, let’s have a look at the 7 lifting facts for women.

1. Offers You Strength for Other Workouts

Lifting will make you better at everything you do and want to do! This is not to say that the yoga, barre or the Zumba class you have been attending or the marathon you have been training for are wrong for your fitness or health! It’s just that there’re always 2 sides of a coin and the workouts we have mentioned are on just one side and the strength stays on the other one! When you add strength to these workouts, you become a better yogi or a runner, and a better athlete, in a nutshell. Lifting and Strength training is the missing element between the commoners and the winners.

2. Helps in Diet and Nutrition

Lifting will surely alter your mindset regarding foods and daily intakes. Basically, the strength and muscles take a ton of energy to build and maintain. What we mean to say is, you will get to eat more and you must eat more when you do the lifting and strength workouts. Rather than an issue that needs to be resolved, the foods become your friend that works as a positive force that moves you towards your goals.

3. More Women Lift Beyond Imagination

There is a hoard of an extraordinarily positive community of strong ladies waiting to be noticed and wowed! This can be a surprising (often shocking) fact for a range of women who have a bad experience regarding fitness and exercise from their adolescent years. But to be serious, it’s not like junior high anymore. However, if it still is like the junior high, your gym has an issue and you surely require joining a new gym near you. The female lifters can be encouraging and competitive at the same time in the best way possible. We, as the finest gym in Kolkata, always want the women to do better because it makes us better and makes us feel great to watch women getting stronger.

4. Lifting Does Not Mean Bulky

It’s no fact that lifting would make you bulky. Especially, when it comes to women, it’s not true at all! Basically, the hormonal profile of women is different than the men and that restricts the women to gain the muscles as the men do by accident. Unless you are a woman who is training and eating (particularly, eating) actively with the precise goal of getting larger (which is appreciated by Starmark), you are not going to see any excessive amount of weight gain.

5. Lifting Has Different Difficulty Levels to be Decided by Trainee

The difficulty level of lifting would depend on how you want it to be! Let us make it clear that the lifting is not something you require living up to, it is an exercise which can meet you wherever you are at the moment. It’s okay not being able to lift a barbell over your head because there are more ways than you can imagine to build strong shoulders. If you are injured, do not think your strength workout has stopped as a dream, there are other ways of working around it. Even if you feel you have no capability of doing anything, a smart trainer will surely make you do the unimaginable things in the safest way possible and would prove you wrong.

6. Lifting Improves Human Body’s Capability

The human body becomes more capable with the weight lifting. Many individuals often get obsessed with how ‘functional’ their training is but you don’t have to! Simply, lift steadily and gradually getting stronger trains your body to do more, be more, and to cross the old limitations. Whether it is changing the water cooler’s jug, moving the couch on your living room or something else from your daily jobs, these small but intuitive tasks would let you use your strength to take over the radar of your life.

7. Lifting for Longer Period Gives Better Results

One fact about lifting is quite certain – the longer your training is, the better results you get. For instance, the goals you set at the year of, say, 35 (with regular training in the past) would have left you stunned at the age of 25! One thing that you need to bear in mind is you need to be consistent and push yourself to be better every single day.

So, these are the lifting facts each and every woman should know. If you are serious about your fitness, then there’s way more to explore than the usual Yoga, running, and treadmills! Lifting can be an efficient workout for the women and being one of the best multi gyms for women in Kolkata, Starmark always persuades the women to achieve optimum fitness.